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Nadia is a Death Seeker.
Somehow, she feels sorry for infecting Hayden, so she orchestrated of fighting him as Nemesis in order to get herself killed.
Hayden's actions gave birth to the Warframe.
Each of the Warframe's powers the Tenno uses are based on Hayden's own set. To compliment, Hayden's suit has been used as a design for the Excalibur model and the Glaive is part of the Tenno's armaments. If it says Dating back to the time of the first Tenno,[...] in the in-game description, it would prove that not only the Glaive is a ancestral weapon of the Tenno, but Hayden's actions had a hand in their birth. Thus making darkSector a prequel to Warframe.
  • Extremely unlikely now that the Second Dream has confirmed that the Tenno were just human children who were thrown deep into the void and gained powers from the traumatic experience, as opposed to getting their powers from the virus.
    • There are hints that the warframes themselves are infected. Even if Hayden isn't a Tenno, which he very likely isn't, he may have inspired some of the decisions the Orokin had in making them. Hayden can control his powers when others can't due to his indifference to pain, which could have inspired the Orokin to create the warframes as a way for the operators to control their own abilities.
  • Mezner goves a speech about the nature of the Lotus
  • The Stalker in Dark Sector may also have some relation to the one in Warframe
  • The Infested of Warframe frequently talk about how they are of the same flesh as the Tenno, a theme carried from Dark Sector
  • The Orokin is a future union of Earth's government and people where the main belief and aesthetics are combining Roman and Hindu aspects.