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The new album will draw from soul music.
Homework drew from funk, Discovery drew from pop music, and Human After All drew from rock. It seems likely, especially with the duo teaming up with Nile Rogers, that they're making another genre shift. The 16 second tease was extremely reminiscent of the syrupy soul of Marvyn Gaye and the sparkly new logo screams Motown. Daft Soul?
  • The airbrushed artwork and logo of the album art imply the retro move too.

The Random Access Memories tour will feature live musicians.
The pyramid was dismantled at the end of the Human After All era, so chances are, they'll have a new rig altogether for the upcoming live shows. The new album features no sampling, so live vocals and guitar work would fit the band's new retro 70's theme the same way the ominous pyramid fit the dystopian themes of Human After All.

There will be a sequel to Interstella 5555 some time in the near future.

The... thing from the Technologic video is T-Bang and Guy-Man's first attempt at reproducing.

They really are Robots
The pictures and TMZ Photos of their real appearance were supplemented by them to give us the impression they are guys in suits when in reality the Robots are their true form.

Daft Punk is a real-life example of Legacy Character
Each album has different influences in terms of genre. After Guy-Manuel and Thomas had their fun touring and making music, they scouted out another pair of promising artists, tapped them on the shoulder, and gave them the chance to don the robot suits and make their own music under the Daft Punk name, with the understanding they would eventually do the same. We have no clue how many times this has happened.
  • Considering Thomas' general reaction when asked about this by journalists, we can probably consider this Jossed.
Daft Punk is also Justice unmasked
Both groups happen to be French Electro House duos with pretty similar music styles, like experimenting a lot with musical styles, each had a third album with a brand new sound that split their fanbases, and a fourth album released in 2013 with the word "access" in the title,. They can't be coincidences. *ignores pictures of Thomas and Guy-Manuel's faces*

The narrator/vocalist for "Touch" is Winslow (AKA the Phantom) from Phantom of the Paradise
The vocals start off in a electronically distorted voice before being adjusted to sound like Paul Williams, just like in the movie. Of course, Daft Punk are big fans of the film, so...

For the album after Random Access Memories, Daft punk will change their robot personas and costumes to alien ones.
The last song on Random Access Memories, is called Contact, it has a very space like sound and the title and the sound at the end gives the impression of being abducted/beamed up by an alien spaceship. They put this in as a form of foreshadowing.