Nightmare Fuel: Daft Punk

  • "Television... Rules the nation..." It's the bizarre distortion about 0:32 seconds into the song that does it. And as for what the refrain implies... * shudder*
  • The video for "Prime Time Of Your Life" deserves a special mention.
    • The song itself is no slouch on Nightmare Fuel, either. There is something about the distorted vocals that makes one feel uneasy, along with the uncanny beats and the song picking up a very fast pace. And the bass drum you hear near the end? It is a rather accurate replica of your heartbeat as you die.
  • The video for "Technologic". That robot is horrifying, and even more so when you realize what it is.
  • "The Brainwasher" isn't that much better.
  • "Prime Time of Your Life/The Brainwasher/Rollin' n Scratchin'/Alive" from Alive 2007. It comes off really unsettling until "Alive" kicks in.
  • The first minute and a half of, "Touch" is...very very unnerving.
    • The last few lines of it however, are rather tearjerking.
  • "Contact", especially the second half, is extremely unsettling, eventually descending into pure distortion and static—before becoming swallowed up.
  • "Within" has very eerie lyrics, compared with the creepy as hell robot voice.
  • In "The Collaborates": Pharrell Williams, Pharrell talks about how the beat of the music mimics the rhythm of a human heart beat, with a black-and-white animation of a heart plays in the background, then it fades to a strange machine, an artificial heart, showing how they are robots. While this does not seem very creepy on its own, it is once you realize where those clips are from...