Heartwarming / Daft Punk

Human after all...
  • The two won big at the 2014 Grammy Awards, snagging Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Best Dance/Electronica Album. And here's three gifs that sum it all up perfectly, with a side order of warm fuzzies.
    • Paul Williams' speech when the group won Album Of The Year:
      "You know, back when I was drinking and using I used to imagine things that weren't there and were frightening, then I got sober and two robots called me and asked me to make an album. We are random access memories, some of us more random than others.
      [Guy-Man hands him the award and pats him on the shoulder.]
      You know, I just got a message from the robots, and what they wanted me to say is that as elegant and as classy as the Grammy has ever been, is the moment when we saw those wonderful marriages, and that same love is as fantastic... and it was the height of fairness and love and the power of love for all people at any time, in any combination, is what they wanted me to say. They sail... you know, Captain Kirk uses the Enterprise, they sail on a ship called generosity. They are generous of spirit.
    • Aside from the hug, there's also Paul Williams holding Thomas' wrist (@1:34) while going up the stage to receive the Album of the Year award. Some viewers speculate that Thomas was probably crying with Tears of Joy and his helmet screen fogged up so he couldn't see which is why Paul helped him get up the stage.
      • The hug itself goes on long enough that it lasts all the way through the complete list of credits. Guy-Man starts shaking at one point.
    • They actually fistbumped after winning Best Pop Duo/Group Perfomance.
  • Charles' fate revealed in the "Fresh" music video. After being proverbially shat on in the video for "Da Funk", being made fun of for his broken leg, being denied the chance to fill out a survey, and reuniting with his past friend, Beatrice, only to end up alone again, we get a much brighter glimpse of his life, where he not only gets a career in acting, but is also shown to have reunited with Beatrice. Aww...
  • This clip. These two robots are just giant bundles of cute sometimes.
  • Guy-Man's reaction to finding out "Get Lucky" helped someone out of a depression. They really do care.
  • "Giorgio by Moroder". A 9 minute tribute to Giorgio Moroder, the Italian legend of Disco who made pop music what it is today. The first two minutes consist of a monologue by the man himself about his career in a short, but sweet nutshell. It's extremely endearing to hear him talk about it with such enthusiasm.