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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Better Off Ted
Veridian Dynamics has some connection to either Torchwood or UNIT.
  • As evidenced by this
    • Alternatively, some military higher-up is a Whovian and was so impressed by the killing power of the Daleks they hired VD to build an artificial one.

Veridian Dynamics is in direct competition with Global Dynamics from Eureka
  • GD makes everything, VD makes everything. They're the only ones capable of being in business with the other around.
  • Alternatively; Veridian Dynamics is Global Dynamic's public front or a branch of it.

Veridian Dynamics will eventually change their name to Aperture Science and GLaDOS is based on Veronica.
  • They're just immoral enough to make GlaDOS and, admit it, you can totally see Veronica saying everything GLaDOS does. Also her fondness for singing.
  • It doesn't fit the Portal cannon of being a shower curtain manufacturer. Veridian could be a subsidiary, where they put the more "practical," mass-marketable ideas of Cave Johnson's into production.

The Linda/Ted ship has become an Aborted Arc
  • Evidenced by the complete lack of development on this front, the cooling of any obvious UST and their complete acceptance of them seeing other people in the later half of the second season.

Jabberwocky would return
  • If the show had continued, there would eventually be an episode where the Japanese branch sent a prototype of the Jabberwocky to the main cast for testing. Everyone (both in the U.S. or Japan) would still have no idea what the Jabberwocky actually did.

Veridian Dynamics will be bought eventually by Weyland-Yutani
. Because weaponizing pumpkin mold? Weyland-Yutani likes the way they think.

Lem and Phil are lovers
  • Seriously, their friendship screams OTP more than any other pairing in the show.

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