[[WMG: Veridian Dynamics has some connection to either Series/{{Torchwood}} or [[Series/DoctorWho UNIT]].]]
* As evidenced by [[http://io9.com/5438790/better-off-ted-reveals-the-origins-of-doctor-whos-tin+plated-bad-guys this]]
** Alternatively, some military higher-up is a [[Series/DoctorWho Who]][[FanCommunityNicknames vian]] and was so impressed by the killing power of the Daleks they hired VD to build an artificial one.

[[WMG: Veridian Dynamics is in direct competition with Global Dynamics from ''{{Series/Eureka}}'']]
* GD makes everything, VD makes everything. They're the only ones capable of being in business with the other around.
* Alternatively; Veridian Dynamics is Global Dynamic's public front or a branch of it.

[[WMG: Veridian Dynamics will eventually change their name to [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Aperture Science]] and [[{{MasterComputer}} GLaDOS]] is based on Veronica.]]
* They're just immoral enough to make [=GlaDOS=] and, admit it, you can totally see Veronica saying everything [=GLaDOS=] does. Also her fondness for singing.
* It doesn't fit the Portal cannon of being a shower curtain manufacturer. Veridian could be a subsidiary, where they put the more "practical," mass-marketable ideas of Cave Johnson's into production.

[[WMG: The Linda/Ted ship has become an AbortedArc]]
* Evidenced by the complete lack of development on this front, the cooling of any obvious {{UST}} and their complete acceptance of them seeing other people in the later half of the second season.
** [[http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2010/03/better-off-ted-abc.html Jossed]].

[[WMG: Jabberwocky would return]]
* If the show had continued, there would eventually be an episode where the Japanese branch sent a prototype of the Jabberwocky to the main cast for testing. Everyone (both in the U.S. or Japan) would still have no idea what the Jabberwocky actually did.

[[WMG: Veridian Dynamics will be bought eventually by [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Weyland-Yutani]]]].
Because weaponizing pumpkin mold? Weyland-Yutani likes the way they think.

[[WMG: Lem and Phil are lovers]]
* Seriously, their friendship screams {{OTP}} more than any other pairing in the show.