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Duke Igthorn is Skeletor
His clothes are the same as Skeletor and both shows take place in a medieval setting. He is Skeletor with skin and this show is a prequel to He-Man.

The original premise of the show was The Black Cauldron The Series.

  • Cavin is Taran, the would-be Kid Hero with a lot to learn. Calla is Eilonwy, the Tomboy Princess with latent magical talent, and Cubby is Gurgi, the annoying little loudmouth who usually messes things up for the protagonists, but who eventually saves the day by accident. Unfortunately for Disney, the film came out half-baked and was a Box Office Bomb. But with significant preproduction work already done, they were reluctant to throw everything in the garbage. Then Michael Eisner saw his kid eating this candy, and the rest is history...