Video Game / Seishun Scandal

Seishun Scandal (Youth Scandal), renamed to My Hero (no relation with the tv series) in the US and also sold as Gang's Fighter, is a 1985 Beat 'em Up Arcade Game by Banpresto (then named Coreland) and Sega that was ported to the Sega Master System one year later.

The game begins with karate dude Steven/Takeshi and his girlfriend Remy/Mari on a date when Mohikan the Punk punches Steven in the face and runs off with Remy. Steven goes through an army of punks and an obstacle course with only 3 lives and 1 HP, duels Mohikan and forgives him... Only for a TIME TRAVELLING SAMURAI to come and take Remy away!

The Master System version lacks this time travel twist. Instead, Steven keeps forgiving Mohikan who always responds by punching his face and taking Remy away. The game has 3 levels, after which it loops until you lose.

Tropes this game punched in the face as they were passing by:

Alternative Title(s): My Hero