The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is the first and most well-known in a series of [[EdutainmentGame Edutainment Games]]. The Zoombinis, an idyllic race of cute blue {{Waddling Head}}s live in peace on Zoombini Isle, until a race called the Bloats comes in and offers to improve their trade routes and infrastructure. But the Bloats are really just looking for an excuse to gain access to the resources of the island. The Zoombinis find themselves enslaved, and so they set out to find a new homeland across the sea.

The puzzles in the game are mainly based off of the appearance of the Zoombinis - various hairstyles, nose colors, etc - which was customizable at the start of each trip. Often, the puzzles would require trial and error in order to figure out the rules. The puzzles themselves ranged from braving difficult terrain (crossing bridges over allergic cliffs or traveling over a watery chasm in a bubble) to getting past the locals (like pizza trolls, or Fleens - a related species to the Zoombinis who were mutated by a bad batch of mousse) to simply getting them all in the right place (in their seats on a barge, or in rooms in a hotel).

At the very end, the Zoombinis that were successfully led through the dangers would find themselves in Zoombiniville, where they would build greater and greater monuments as the population grew.

Had 2 much less famous sequels called Mountain Rescue and Island Odyssey.

In 2015, a remake of ''Logical Journey'' was funded on [[ Kickstarter]].

!!Tropes in the game:
* HundredPercentCompletion: [[CosmeticAward A new monument is built in Zoombiniville]] the first time the player completes a path on a new difficulty setting without losing any Zoombinis. As noted below, some paths are harder than others.
** There's also the task of bringing every Zoombini to Zoombiniville. Should you succeed, [[spoiler:[[AWinnerIsYou the narrator will loop through the generic "success" messages whenever you're in the Zoombiniville area]]]].
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: All of the Zoombiniville monuments have this in spades. Even the verb describing how the monument was built is alliterative with the building itself more often than not.
* AllTrollsAreDifferent: Arno, Willoaen and Shyler are trolls, but they resemble [[WhenTreesAttack walking trees without leaves]]. They also love pizza and sundae, but are '''''extremely''''' fussy about their toppings.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: The Zoombinis are blue and the Fleens are green, though neither of them are particularly humanoid.
* AntiPoopSocking: One of the narrator's lines in Zoombiniville reassures the player that they've done enough for now and they should go get some fresh air.
* ArmlessBiped: Some Zoombinis. The rest don't even have legs, bouncing around on springs or floating around on propellers.
* BeefGate: The second half of the game ramps up the difficulty of the puzzles; the Fleens minigame specifically seems to exist to punish players who "cheated" some of the earlier games by creating twins, as you have to find the three Fleens that will trigger the GoshHornet swarm.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Shyler the pizza troll; his ShrinkingViolet persona doesn't stop him from getting violent with the Zoombinis when they can't get his pizza right.
* BleakLevel: The last three puzzles are all in a cave and have gloomier music and creepier ambient sounds compared to the rest of the game. It's also the only leg of the journey where you don't meet anyone new.
* CastOfSnowflakes: Half the Zoombinis are different in appearance. The other half are twins of the first half.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: Arno and the other Pizza Trolls have certain toppings that they hate. Another thing to note is that [[spoiler: each topping is favoured by only one troll, the other two hate it.]]
* EvilCounterpart: The Fleens may well be this to the Zoombinis. [[spoiler: On easier difficulties, each trait they have even directly corresponds to a Zoombini trait. On harder difficulties, their traits correspond to another Zoombini trait.]]
** Apparently, the Fleens used to be an offshoot of the Zoombinis until they were mutated by... bad hair products.
* EvilLaugh: One of the several snippets of narration that can play at the Shade Tree rest stop includes the narrator bursting into one for no particular reason.
* ExcusePlot: The Zoombinis need to make it to their safe haven, and only you can help! Are you a bad enough dude to help the Zoombinis?
* FloatingInABubble: This allows your Zoombinis to cross the Bubblewonder Abyss. Of course, there are going to be many obstacles in the path...
* FrogsAndToads: The Titanic Tattooed Toads.
* GiantEnemyCrab: Harder difficulties of the Titanic Tattooed Toads level have these coming out of the water to block the way.
* GoodHairEvilHair: The Zoombinis have kids hairstyles and they're the good guys. The Fleens on the other hand have punk/gangster hairstyles or headwear and they're evil.
* GoshHornet: Apparently, bees have no problem with Zoombinis. [[SynchronizedSwarming They do have a problem with Fleens.]] Then again, the Fleens are the ones who disturbed them first.
* GridPuzzle: Mudball Wall. Each colour and design corresponds to a different point in the grid.
* IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels: From "Not So Easy" to "Very, Very Hard".
* IdleAnimation
* LargeHam: The narrator, and Arno the pizza troll.
* TheMigration: the Zoombinis flee Bloat-controlled Zoombini Isle and seek a new place to settle.
* TheQuincyPunk: The Fleens are, for the most part, a bunch of little green WaddlingHead Quincy Punks.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The Zoombinis.
* RockMonster: The Stone Guardians.
* SolveTheSoupCans: The game is practically built on soup cans. Some of them make more sense in the context of the story than others, but they're all fairly outlandish. Slips into AlphabetSoupCans at some points.
* SpeakingSimlish: The {{NPC}}s speak English, but the Zoombinis communicate in nonsensical chatter.
** The Fleens speak in their own form of nonsensical chatter as well.
* SuperOCD: Captain Cajun will not let you sit on his boat if you don't share a similar attribute with the people next to you.
* ThereAreNoTents: Hotel Dimensia is a hotel in the wilderness run by a kind squirrel named Ulla Instantaneous. It's a safe place for the Zoombinis to stay in for the night, but ''getting into the hotel'' is a puzzle in itself.
* ToneShift: With possibly a hint of CerebusSyndrome. The first leg of the journey is bright and silly. However, once the player passes Shade Tree, things get substantially darker (in terms of lighting and content) and more serious.
* TrialAndErrorGameplay: Half of the minigames require various amounts of trial and error in order for you to collect enough information to solve the puzzle. One of them ([[spoiler:specifically, Fleens!]]) appears to be a member of this contingent, but can be figured out before sending any Zoombinis if you pay close and careful attention to the puzzle.
** At least, so long as you didn't [[spoiler:make all or most of your Zoombini party out of sets of twins]], which takes it past TrialAndErrorGameplay and into LuckBasedMission territory. For that matter, even if [[spoiler:you just have a few duplicate Zoombinis, if one ends up on the branch then it's impossible to tell which twin you need to send out before trying it]].
* VideoGameLives: In certain areas, the number of "chances" you have are represented by things like pegs keeping a door or bridge from collapsing, to the number of Zoombinis on a tree branch, or a clock that ticks down to midnight.
* WaddlingHead: The Zoombinis have no arms, and move stuff around by carrying it on their heads or pushing it with their heads. One of the stone guardians calls them "little pebbles". They do, however, have legs connecting their feet to their bodies, at least when they have actual feet in the first place.