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Video Game: LEGO Creator
LEGO Creator is a LEGO Licensed Game released in 1998 for Windows. It is a sandbox game, divided into two modes: Create and Play. In Create mode you build whatever you want on the game world with the countless bricks available or the pre-made content. Objects you create can be saved for later use.

In case you have minifigures set to walk or drive a vehicle, you can control them in Play mode. The other thing you can do in this mode is destroying stuff with explosives named "Destructa Bricks". You can click on each one or destroy all of a given color.

Creator was later followed by three sequels: one based on the Knights Kingdom theme and two based on Harry Potter, which expanded the Play mode. There's also the program named LEGO Digital Designer, which allowed the user to send their projects to LEGO and order it for delivery as a real set - box design included. Don't confuse this series with the LEGO theme of the same name.

Tropes present in the game:

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