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Video Game: Bobs Game
"It's a game, about a guy making a game, who is in a game, but is also making a game, and his marketing campaign is like a game, and that's about a game, in a game, but also outside the game, where he is making a game, about him making a game, which is about the game industry, and you play other games. In the game."
— Inanimate (TIGsource forum)

"What is 'bob's game?'"

Short answer: An EarthBound-style RPG developed by one man, Robert Pelloni.

Long answer: It's actually three "games":

  1. The aforementioned indie RPG.
  2. A competitive puzzle game inside the RPG, which is also called "bob's game," and is developed by Bob's in-game alter ego, "bob." Are you confused yet?
  3. The "viral marketing" campaign for both "bob's games," which is guessed it..."bob's game."

Since almost nothing is known about the video game yet, this article will focus mainly on the viral ad.

Tropes from "bob's game" (the RPG) include:

Tropes from include:

Or so he-

 Thank Yuu for playing Bob's Game. 
BloodnetWestern RPGBorderlands

alternative title(s): Bobs Game
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