Video Game: Battlezone (1980)

Battlezone, released by Atari in 1980, was the first popular video game to feature 3D graphics, a technological breakthrough at a time when simple 2D games like Space Invaders were the norm. The player controls a tank, in first-person perspective, on a mechanized battlefield against enemy forces equipped with tanks and guided missiles. It is the direct ancestor of every First-Person Shooter, and the US Army even commissioned a customized variant (The Bradley Trainer) to train its tank troops. Surviving consoles of the game are still very popular with collectors today.

For the 1998 FPS/RTS remake and its sequel, click here.

Rebellion Developments has announced a reimagining of the classic game, featuring heavy VR elements.

The 1980 version provides examples of:

  • Public Domain Soundtrack: The 1812 Overture would play if you achieved the high score.
  • Ur-Example: Of both simulation games and military training software, with the U.S. Army commissioning a modified cabinet dubbed The Bradley Trainer