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Video Game: Atari 2600 Spider-Man

The first Spider-Man video game, released by Parker Brothers in 1982.

The Green Goblin has planted "Super Bombs" on the tops of skyscrapers, and Spider-Man has to defuse them. You play Spidey, using his web-shooter to climb up the side of each building. Each building has a lower section, with windows, and an upper section, a lattice of girders. Spidey's web can only grab onto the walls and girders, not the windows or the sky.

Criminals appear in the windows; if your web touches them, they'll cut it and you'll fall. But if Spidey himself touches them, he'll capture them, score points, and replenish his web fluid. Likewise with bombs planted in the girder section. The Green Goblin appears from time to time, moving back and forth across the screen; he has to be avoided. Once you get to the Super Bomb, swing Spidey over it to defuse it.

Web fluid runs out with time. On higher levels, it runs out faster. The game is endless; once you finish level 6, it repeats level 6 again. The game ends when you lose all your lives. Which is actually one of the most gruesome deaths depicted on the Atari 2600; Spidey falls to the ground and lands on his back with a splat noise.

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