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Whatever your favourite thing in the world is, I probably hate it.

A late-20s stock-standard nerd from Australia, Talen Lee is the kind of person who can't get through the day without the somewhat naive belief that people are listening to what he has to say, and finding it funny. A former writer for the website Starcity Games, he's turned his attention to a variety of video games, tabletop games, comics and of course, other stuff.

He likes to think he's a dilletante, but really, he just knows a little about a lot of stuff. A big proponent of science and a lover of life, he was once observed walking across a lake to heal an injured swan, which then bit his face, because, seriously, have you ever dealt with a swan? They're fucking bastards.

In a more serious note, he can be contacted via e-mail. Go on. Send him a message, ideally giggling about his edits. He's ever so lonely. D:

Stuff I'm looking at and working on:

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Talen Lee has been graded as a keter-class forum hazard, and is not to be allowed on any forum without supervision from at least three D-class personnel with baseball bats and a written note from his mother. He is bordering on being a member of the Death Note Hatedom.