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Hey there ,welcome to my page!

About me

English guy-Sitting in front of his computer screen while drinking tea ,the signature where I mentioned coffee was a lie

Long time user and former lurker - Has seen this site go through a LOT of changes including changing hands,I don't feel like listing all the other changes but the two that stick out the most were removal of Troper Tales and Fetish Fuel,there was also the renaming of It Just Bugs Me! to Headscratchers which included nuking the It Just Bugs Me! forum..nothing valuable was lost that day

Frequent poster-Mostly shit posting in the 'The Trash Heap of the TV Tropes Forum' but I'm hardly restricted to one thread in particular

Also hangs around in Discord,follow this link if you want to meet me in there

And some of my opinions and favourite things

  • Best pony?Rarity or Fluttershy,I've watched some of the early seasons but I've not paid much attention to that show with the pretty ponies lately
    • not a brony before you ask
    • Watches mainly for Discord though
  • Likes Steven Universe
    • Favourite Gems? Peridot and Lapis lazuli
  • Favourite Pokemon?Haunter,Braviary,Girafarig and Garbodor
    • Likes Unowns.
    • Thinks Haunter should be able to fly,because that would be awesome
    • Really likes Gumshoos despite how it's hair looks like Trump's
    • Favourite bug Pokemon is Ledian
  • Favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry
  • Best type of weather?Light rain showers
    • Hates Icy weather though.
  • Best Doctor? The 10th incarnation,followed by his 11th
    • 12th is cool as well
    • 13th Doctor is going to be great too,hopefully anyway.
  • My favourite tropes are..
  • Thinks the battle droids from the star wars prequels are cool,especially the Droideka
    • Thinks the Gungans are cool too.
  • Thinks the trolls from Frozen need to go extinct in the inevitable sequel
  • Really hates butter
  • Really likes Eternal Darkness and thinks it was the best game on the Gamecube
  • Was a Lumper back when those groups still existed as separate pages on the wiki
  • Thinks Werewolves are cooler then sparkly vampires
  • Hates being called Ult seriously it's like my biggest berserk button
    • Does actually have several berserk buttons but won't say what they are
  • Does not like pointless and confusing initialisms or acronyms
  • Likes making nautical puns whenever shipping is mentioned
  • Has absolutely terrible hand writing and can't spell
    • Fortunately for the wiki there's always a spellchecker involved
  • Has started playing the Mass Effect games, favourite alien race is the Hanar
  • Likes having finny fun and partying in Agrabah
  • Edits his posts and wiki edits constantly,making him a Serial Tweaker
  • Is really bad at remaining in third person when writing this page
  • Feels the need to say "GO COWBOYS!" when the subject is the Superbowl
  • Dislikes walls of text and Single Issue Wonkers
  • Thinks Spirit Tracks is the best Legend of Zelda game on account of it's magical trains,complaints about the game having one button that does everything controls be damned.
  • Likes Extra Credits and Extra History
  • Thinks emojis are amusing and wishes he could pepper his signature with them although character limits (which exist for a good reason by the way) prevent this dream from become a reality
  • Is Brilliant But Lazy
  • Likes Kingdom Hearts
  • Listens to
    • Pogo
    • Pink Floyd
    • Lindsey Stirling
    • Tame impala
  • Likes making terrible puns
  • Likes Trains,then again who doesn't?
  • Is an optimist about most things

Once upon a time people could freely edit other people's troper pages,I've kept those wall writings here for posterity.

There was also a time when anonymous users could edit the wiki,their IP was even fully visible making it very easy to tell if they were a sockpuppet

I do go on,don't I?

FIRST! * ahem* Hello there. ~ Zyxzy

To victory! To vandalism! ~ Bobby G

British, eh, good chap? Let's have a spot of tea and eat fish and chips together when I come visit. - Outta The BLAM

Hey Fock You, Ulti.

Nobutlolwut ILY :3

- DOCTAR ZOVYET :D <<|The Contributors|>>