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Well I'm the new guy....with the lame jokes.
Member of Black Attack Squadron of Naruto thread.

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Here you go, you animals! Make sure to stay there!

I have tainted you. ~Westy

Second and indexed the page. XD ~Autumncomet

My Page has been raped. Why God!? ~theweirdKiddokun

You were asking for it. You were wearing purple. Sorry, I thougt you said graped. ~Wanderlust Warrior
P.S.: I'm pretty sure as your leader, I gave us the name Blacktion League NOW.
P.P.S.: ... which has now been renamed the Black Attack Squadron.

Beware! You have posted in the Naruto thread. Your doom is near. :P - kay4today

Kiddo is pretty cool guy. Show respect you Mongrels! - Shlugo The Great

Seconding Shlugo's respect! Uguu ~Saiga

Go go, extremely delayed vandalism! ^^ ~Kayrivette