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Tropers: Shini
Like most of the newer tropers here, I wandered here on accident, and stuck around, even up to and including adding more and more examples before deciding that I contributed enough that I should put up a "Hey-a, it's me" page.

Shini is an unfortunate leftover from the troper's fan-brat days that stuck on as a nickname and convenient handle online.

Thing to Know
  • Is a fan of Not seeing a cigar just as cigar
  • A prolific Roleplayer, Writer, and Gamer of a decade or so.
  • Has probably the dirtiest mind on this side of the screen, nearly doubling the Fetish Fuel advertisements examples in one go.
  • Almost nothing makes her go 'ow my brain' (except the use of My Little Ponies as 'toys')
  • A sadly sketchy grasp on spelling, woe.
  • Resident of Spokane
  • Manages to have complete strangers assume she's British, despite never stepping foot in England.

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