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Haha, I've finally discovered meaning to my life! Seriously, though. I'd been looking for something like TV Tropes for some time. You could almost say Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life applied to me before I even found TvTropes, since I'd usually be the one ruining shows for all my friends by pointing out tropes while watching stuff.

Livin' out in sunny California, tryin' to get a job and working on being a History Major.

Also, a minor rant of mine on the subject of fanfiction. My personal opinion on fanfics is this: Fanfiction is just that; Fan-created stories concerning an already fictional work. Because of this, I tend to make massive allowances in subject matter. To clarify, Mary Sue types don't really bother me, with the exception of self-inserts and OCs. As long as a character is an established canon character, no matter how minor, I've no problems making them overpowered. It even serves as a kinda experiment: what could when person x becomes Super!moded? Note that I specify fictional works. Writing Super!mode fanfic of historical/nonfictional/real life people/series/groups/etc is not cool, since you're dealing with real life. Come to think of it, writing any fanfic, even masterpieces of literature, on real life stuff is just weird.

Tropes to describe me:

  • Deadpan Snarker: Oh so much. I actually got labeled with "Most acerbic wit" by my friends in our senior yearbook.
  • Jerkass: Not intentionally, but snarky tendencies + non-existent tact got me labeled as one. My friends don't mind, seeing as they're just as bad.
  • Motor Mouth: According to everyone around me.
  • The Stoic: Used to be one. Been loosening up lately. Can still have my moments.
  • Otaku: AND DAMN PROUD, SON. I try to break the stereotype of the fat, creepy virgin as much as possible, and prove that one can be an Otaku and a productive member of society.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Combine this with Motor Mouth, Jerkass and Deadpan Snarker an' you got someone who can dish out five personal insults, three snarky one liners and make vague, disingenuous and downright salacious accusations towards a person's maternal progenitor without anyone having a clue what three out of every five words means or even was . Which takes away a lot of the sting, sadly.

Anime/Manga I enjoy:
  • Lotte No Omocha: Yeah, it's just another Rie vehicle, but it IS cutesy, I suppose. I do need a weekly helping of Moeblob, I guess.
  • Hidan no Aria: This, i think, is NOT a Rie vehicle. Though, the kuudere sniper may ahve something to do with my enthusiasm.
  • Naruto: Funnily enough, I've not really read the manga/watched the show much. Most of my knowledge comes from the Wikia and most of the enthusiasm for the series come from fanfiction. As such, my knowledge of canon is patchy, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: I've actually got a (pretty solid) theory on what the Gainax Ending means, but who doesn't these days?
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: Screw Gainax. Screw Anno. This is canon! At least, I prefer to think it is.

Authors I enjoy (Fanfiction included):
  • Asimov As a fan of SciFi, it's my opinion that its pretty much mandatory to admire him.
  • S'tar'kan
  • VFsnake: Yes, I did rec him. Yes, that is going to be a controversial decision. No, I do not think he is a gripping and compelling writer. I think he is an entertaining writer, particularly for those who enjoy Fanon over Canon and who are of the opinion Kishi is ruining the story. Check my mini-rant for an explanation for how I can read a blatant God-Mode Sue writer and think he's good enough to rec.