Tropers / Mad Man X

Hi, I'm Mad Man Matt. You may know me from that one edit meltdown, an Amateur Voice Actor making a breach in original projects, and that one guy who decided to Retool the Mega Man Zero series for the viewing audience. Which only lasted for ten minutes. And there's no record of me being on YouTube with this screenname. No siree.

For a look on my work so far in my internet life, please look forward to...

  • ...playing as the main character Sasaki Sterling in the the namesake title. (Work page coming soon!)
  • ...pending a new Post-Cyberpunk story in the works! (Coming soon!)
  • only remaining account on YouTube, filled with acting practice and lost fan videos - Corporate Casual Works.
  • ...and general mixing jehoozifits and minor acting roles. If you would like an extra voice actor/narrator in your animation/radioplay/documentary project, just drop me a line at .

Happy troping, viewers!

{God, PR really sucks.}