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Hi, this is jhax's troper page! The name's soundin' masculine huh? Well, I can't think of good names.

As part of the effort to make jcruz look more pathetic practice my writing, jhax made this troper page! You see, she's related to that weirdo named jcruz, thus having the same initial letters. I just won't tell you how we are related. It's kinda embarrasing. But then again, just mentioning I'm related to That Troper is already embarrassing. (I just realized that this paragraph is badly written. I should be more consistent with the POV and all.)

I'm yet another Lurker from the same place as Kinky Joe, though we never met personally.

I grew up watching Anime as a kid, so obviously, I'm into Anime. Don't worry peeps, I'm more of the Not-Mainstream-Popular Anime nerd who just wants a good plot or some nice scenes, rather than your standard Fangirl. I think. But I do get a bit too fannish at times. I'm kinda into figsnote , especially the chibi ones.

BTW, Touhou. I don't get it. But... why am I addicted to it?

Ok, so let's get to business, here's the list of tropes that apply to jhax!

Vandals, Visigoths, Ostrogoths and other Germanic Tribes goes here!

Eh. I doubt someone will write here.
  • Neither do I — jcruz
    • Don't rub it in! - jhax
  • Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Just want you to know you're my favourite newbie :3 — goodtimesfreegrog
    • Woohoo! - jhax
  • Hello. I trust you don't make the people of Futo cry, okay? PS It warms my heart that you mentioned me in your page :3Kinkajou