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Getsha XC is a silly man who likes to dream and experiment a lot. He is a beginning writer, a former music composer, a computer science student, a conlanger, a former illustrator, a GFX artist, a rhythm gamer, a chartmaker, and so much more. He was born in Western France (Normandy to be exact) the 27th of January of 1995 in the city of Dieppe, Seine-Maritime and currently lives in the middle of Nowhere. He found out about TV Tropes because Crystal Suicune once mentioned it in Twitter or in some osu! thread, then it all went downhill from here.

Long-time Man Hug lover, also likes getting The Glomp, but only wants the Lap Pillow from a small Russian turquoise berry (specifying the actual word might cause you to get kicked out). He also is a huge plushie collector, but since he is too poor to afford this many, he doesn't have much. He also is gentle with your feelings, but much like Gezoda doesn't like Yozhieka and makes her understand, if Getsha XC doesn't like you, you might as well be out of luck. He adores referencing obscure stuff, or puns for the sake of puns, to the ire of all of his friends. His quirk is horrible luck.

Characters from his universe

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    Gezoda Himiza Xenpawyu/Gangetsha Aveyu
Made 6,619% cuter by the legendary annytf
Gezoda: "There is no "good", there is no "bad". All of these concepts are a mere construction based on your own views. What you think about me leaving isn't fitting your views on good, so you think it is bad. But what do I have to lose, Yozhi? My place is now here, with my beloved wife, and this little gem of a girl."

She is a 3,300+ year old half-vampire, half-demon living in a calm forest. She is currently married to a youkai called Roxanne Hinpatsu.

    Unmei Chuusen (運命抽選) 
Chuusen: "Good fucking luck, bastard."
A perpetually 16-year-old girl with a strike of luck.

    Yozhieka Aranave 
Yozhieka: "The Oxaveyan land has been left rotting. I must bring them all back to make them realize their mistake."
A succubus who is responsible for the demise of Oxavia, Gezoda's home country.

    Guzanmageta Shiroko (ザンマット 白子) 
Shiroko: "Have you ever felt the power flowing through your arms when chopping logs off trees? Have you ever been exposed for supposedly being an e-girl? Have you ever made pie? Do you think all these questions don't quite add up?"
A human with otherworldly calculus capabilities.

    Melyceria Miesa 
Melyceria: "I have more wings than this wench of a Yozhieka. Does this make me cool yet?"
A fairy supposed to be connected to Unmei Chuusen.

Games he's played

Games and categories he's speedran at least once (with official and unofficial PBs, and including joke categories)

His works

(To be written)

Things he enjoys

  • Memetic Mutation: In all Japan Expos since 2014, there was at least one meme spawning out of it because of how hysterical his conversations with Ekoro went.
    • PAILLE, the one that started it allExplanation 
    • The inception of Charles de FranceExplanation  is just as hysterical:
      Getsha XC: "Well, rather than going directly to Gare du Nord, we go the opposite to Charles de France" (beat) "Charles de France."
      Ekoro: "Charles de France."
    • P14.Explanation 
      • And its younger sibling, TATOE P14.
    • While Japan Expo 2017 didn't have its fair share of memes, the only one that stood out was GAMIN EN COLÈRE.Explanation  This came out of the blue and became a meme in no time at all.
      • 2Explanation 
  • What the Cut
  • YouTube Poop