Tropers: Anthiens

Anthiens, AKA Anthiena, is known on the net as a fan of Utena and Danny Phantom, of which she has contributed quite a lot of TUE-themed tropes for the latter. She totally digs the villains, especially Akio Ohtori and Vlad Masters. She thinks of herself as a Dojikko girl who means well but tends to go Tsundere from time to time (usually under great stress). She's gone through a number of things and most that know her use the Beware the Nice Ones trope to describe her. She also considers herself a Mad Artist, but luckily for friends and family, she is also an Actual Pacifist.

She describes herself as a fan's fan, particularly liking fanfiction and fan comics and writes horror-themed fanfiction. She also writes slash. Interestingly, she is also working on a novel that includes horror, sci-fi, fantasy and a sarcastic Magical Girl parody called Shadow Wings.

She used to play Mr. Masters on TV Tropes own Massive Multi-Fandom RPG.

She currently plays Mr. Masters, Phantom, Psyche the fairy, MADI OS and Demona on Portal Breach and Ink City. She also creeps people out as Souji Mikage on Dear Mun For the Evulz.

Original works include:

  • Waerloga
  • Magical Girl Rune
  • Queen's Asylum (Co-writer)
  • Through Weaver's Looking Glass (co-writer)
  • Delilah's Angel (co-writer)