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  • Creative Differences: This is why Travis Smith and Nick Augusto left. Travis either wasn't happy with his role or just didn't care, and it was like pulling teeth to get him to do basically anything in the last year or so before he left. Augusto, meanwhile, had tensions with Matt and Paolo that kept getting worse and worse and was not happy with the direction that the band was going in, while his excessive drinking and habit of going onstage completely wasted and delivering shitty performances didn't exactly win him points with his bandmates.
  • Creator Backlash: They have all come to dislike The Crusade. Some of it was due to residual bad vibes from the songwriting and recording process (both of which were mired in dysfunction, not to mention the story of how "The Rising" came to be), but most is just due to the fact that they have come to view it as a badly-written, half-baked album that they rushed out the door. While they still regularly play several songs off of it (primarily "Anthem (We Are the Fire)" and "Becoming the Dragon"), they have been happy to forget the album as a whole.
  • Hitless Hit Albums: Every album since Ascendancy has charted on the Billboard Top 40, and Ascendancy itself went Gold. Not one hit single, though "Anthem (We Are the Fire)", "Until the World Grows Cold", and "The Heart From Your Hate" all received heavy airplay.
    • "Until the World Grows Cold" did reach #10 on the Mainstream Rock chart, but it remains their only track that can be remotely classified as a hit, as no other songs have placed above #24 on Mainstream Rock or any other chart.
  • Promoted Fanboy: While it was a studio project that was done playing shows by the time that Matt Heafy became a part of it, Matt wound up being this for Capharnaum when he tracked vocals for Fractured, as he was a fan of their music well before Jason Suecof invited him in.
  • Throw It In!: "The Rising" was a last-minute track that wasn't even really supposed to be on The Crusade, and Gregoletto wrote it solely because the band could sense that "Anthem (We Are the Fire)" was going to be a hit and they all wanted to see if they could make lightning strike twice. The result was a song that they hated from the start that also demoted a song that Gregoletto actually wanted to be on the album ("Broken One") to a bonus track, and to add insult to injury, they still refuse to play it live.