YMMV / Trivium

  • Broken Base: The Crusade caused this to happen.
  • Contested Sequel: The Crusade, and to a smaller extent, Shogun. The band themselves doesn't like the former and particularly hates "The Rising", which was basically a Black Sheep Hit from the get-go that wound up not even being a hit; aside from a few tracks, they currently refuse to touch the album.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Joins the ranks of Chimaira, The Dillinger Escape Plan and even Converge as being one of metalcore's most heralded bands.
  • Even Better Sequel:Ascendancy
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome / Crowning Music of Awesome: The band has a number of moments lyrically and musically that just take things to the apex. Of course, then they do it again.
    • The first is "Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr", where the supposed fascist that is being killed asks "Oh god why?!" to which our hero replies "'Cause I'm god, that's fucking why!" (Badass Boast, much?) Combining Wish Fulfillment with being the human embodiment of Laser-Guided Karma so you can Justifiably Do Evil Unto Evil? Awesome. Oh, and did I mention that this is followed by a ridiculously awesome Solo by Producer Jason Suecof?
    • Then there's the middle section riff of "Ascendancy" which is a full eight bars and filled with ridiculous accurate guitar technique and a mixed lead/rhythm approach.
    • Then we have "A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation", which follows it's Breakdown-as-Verse-Riff (how did they make that work?) with this chorus: "A gunshot/ to the head of trepidation/ my promise/ if you ever lay a finger!"
    • Far too many moments on The Crusade to list, but this troper think the one that tops everything album is the ending title track, where there are, among other things, ridiculously arcane chords, tapping as an approach to riffing(how did they make that work?), gleefully fucking around with tonality, and so many epic Guitar Solos that one of them happens on top the loop of Paulo Gregoletto's Bass solo!
    • Down From The Sky. The song centers on the bombing of Hiroshima, but that's just a context for the sheer awesomeness of the song.
  • Face of the Band: Not the extent of, say, Dave Mustaine, but Matt Heafy certainly fits.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Europe didn't really get the big first-wave metalcore explosion in the mid-00's, and for a while Trivium were huge in the UK amongst young metalheads.
  • Memetic Mutation / Mondegreen: BOAT! RUDDER! STRANGE! MOUNTAIN!
  • Painful Rhyme: See A God Am I.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Most of the drummers since Travis Smith (and even then, many people have come to realize that he had his own issues, namely his terrible live performances). Mat Madiro (who was generally viewed as competent but extremely boring on album and was a mess live) and Paul Wandtke (who had a lot of issues with staying clean on higher tempos) were not well-liked, while Nick Augusto was a Base Breaker who, like the others, had issues with staying clean live (which his drinking probably didn't help). Subverted so far with Alex Bent, as the general consensus with him seems to be "do whatever you have to do to keep him".
  • True Art Is Angsty: Played completely straight in any song that's not about Heafy's social awareness (The Crusade) or vast knowledge of Greek Mythology (Shogun). It's pretty compelling: Heafy's definitely not a bad lyricist.
  • Signature Song: "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr" and/or "In Waves".
  • Win Back the Crowd: After couple of very divisive albums, their eighth longplay "The Sin and The Sentence" found the sweet spot and received almost unanimous praise from both the fans of their older albums and those who enjoyed their Lighter and Softer direction on "Vengeance Falls" and "Silence in the Snow", and Alex Bent wound up being the first drummer in ages that was more or less universally accepted by the fanbase.