Trivia / Three's Company

  • Acting for Two: Sort of. In the first opening sequence, Jack gets distracted by a brunette walking by and takes a tumble on his bike. The brunette? Suzanne Somers with a wig. Justified since the show was still in pilot stages when that was filmed so they had to be frugal.
  • Actor Allusion: This show was the subject of one for John Ritter in Stay Tuned, a movie about people getting trapped in a series of TV shows. He briefly ends up on the set of Three's Company, screams at the fourth wall, and escapes to another channel.
  • Old Shame: "Shame" might be stretching it, but Priscilla Barnes says she was miserable the entire time. She's called it the three worst years of her life, and tried to walk, but couldn't get out of her contract.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Richard Kline (Larry), in season 4.
  • The MAD Magazine satire was called He's Company.
  • You Look Familiar: Jeffrey Tambor, now fairly well known for playing George Bluth Sr., appeared in several episodes, each time as a different character. And that's not even counting his regular role on the spinoff The Ropers.
    • Jordan Chaney appeared in a third-season episode as a used-car dealer who employs Jack as a live-in cook (and whose wife keeps hitting on him), before becoming a semi-regular as Jack's boss Mr. Angelino.