Trivia / They Think It's All Over

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Much like Have I Got News for You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, home video releases of They Think It's All Over have been few and far between, and re-runs have been sporadic at best and generally only concentrate on a few of the nineteen series. Moreover, the series does not circulate nearly as widely among collectors as HIGNFY or Buzzcocks, and although episodes do sometimes surface on YouTube, The BBC can be very ruthless in ordering episodes taken down for including copyrighted sporting footage.
  • Too Soon: A Series 2 episode with Teddy Sheringham and Frank Skinner featured the first use of impressions for "The Name Game". One of Rory McGrath's names was Will Carling, and he took inspiration for his impression from Carling's alleged relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales, by saying, "Being in the position that I play, I don't have to put my head between the legs until I get to Kensington Palace!" Following Diana's death in 1997, the impression was cut from re-runs and video releases of the segment.