Trivia: The Transformers

The Marvel Comics

  • Artist Disillusionment: Bob Budiansky, who has lost all interest in the series even several decades after he left it. According to post-Transformers interviews, while he initially approached the project with complete enthusiasm,note  Executive Meddling and the need to feature new toys sapped at his enthusiasm. It doesn't help that his tenure was derided by some fans who consider his stories more juvenile than those of Simon Furman — a point that Budiansky agrees with, as he was targeting his stories for prepubescent boys.
  • Creator Breakdown: Bob Budiansky (see above) suffered from stress due to trying to constantly shove in new toys, which led to him leaving the comic. He has since said that he has no intention of working on Transformers again, though that doesn't mean he wouldn't say "no" if Hasbro asked him. His only post-Marvel Transformers work was IDW's faithful adaptation of the animated movie, which was less stress-inducing for obvious reasons.
  • Executive Meddling: The reason female Transformers didn't appear from the very start. Budiansky was ready, willing and able (Ratchet was even a candidate for an early female character), but the Hasbro execs thought there shouldn't be girls among "toys for boys" in a comic book "for boys". (Human female characters were obviously exempt from this reasoning).
  • Sequel Gap: After 21 years the comic is finally getting a proper, epic conclusion with Regeneration One.
  • What Could Have Been: Techno-X, a proposed 90's revamp of Circuit Breaker and the Neo-Knights by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman, integrating the team more fully into the Marvel universe.

The G1 Cartoon

  • Creator Backlash: "Carbombya" (a heavily stereotyped Expy of Gaddafi-era Libya) offended Casey Kasem (the voice of Teletraan 1) so much that he left the show during the third season.
  • Dueling Shows: with Challenge of the GoBots.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Between the show and the movie, there's a lot of well-known names, some more-so than others. This would later apply to every following series.
  • He Also Did: Peter Chung served as a storyboard artist for the first two seasons and the movie.
    • Masami Obari got his start on this series, designing and animating Optimus Prime's Transformation sequence. As well as some (presumed) animation work on "Heavy Metal War".
    • Shinji Aramaki also did several character designsnote  and created Perceptor.
    • Two that pertain to the movie: Several of the film's key animators were, at the time of production, employees of Bebownote , Madhouse and Sunrise. Whereas Unicron was originally designed by Takehiko Ito, who would go on to create Outlaw Star.
  • Jossed: Fanon assumed that the character Dion from the episode "War Dawn" survived the attack on storage yard 67 and was rebuilt into someone important (Ultra Magnus and Ironhide being the most popular choices), seeing as his best friend, Orion Pax was rebuilt as Optimus Prime. In 2010, Hasbro flat out stated that Dion was never rebuilt into anybody else and had not even survived. Also, The Transformers: Wings of Honor continuity had Dion survive the attack, but he was still called Dion.
  • The Other Darrin: Voice director Wally Burr substituted as Thundercracker for John Stephenson in "War Dawn", and as Ratchet for Don Messick in "Masquerade".
    • Other notable voice changes include Skidsnote , Outbacknote  and Onslaughtnote . Also, due to an error in the episode's script, Michael Bell fills in for Bonecrusher in "The Autobot Run".
    • After the death of Roger C. Carmel, Jack Angel took over as Cyclonus, also taking over as Ultra Magnus around the same time. The other movie characters (save for Arcee, Wheelie, Blurr and Springer) were similarly replaced with actors from the show.
  • The Other Marty: Ted Schwartz was originally intended to be Judd Nelson's replacement as Rodimus Prime's voice after Transformers: The Movie, and he still has a few lines (in the recap of part 2 and one line in part 3) that weren't dubbed over by Dick Gauthier in "Five Faces of Darkness".
  • Recycled Script: "Microbots" has a similar scene to the TMNT episode "Shreddered and Splintered". Both episodes were written by David Wise.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In "War Dawn," Ariel was supposed to die along with Dion. However, members of production realized that since she was Orion Pax's Love Interest, she could simply be rebuilt as Elita One. (This, by the way, is why fans propose Dion was also rebuilt into someone Optimus would know.)
    • Octane's role in "Starscream's Ghost" was originally intended for Blitzwing, who was banished from the Decepticons in the "Five Faces of Darkness" five-parter. Blitzwing was replaced by Octane to promote Octane's newer toy.
    • Astrotrain's bizarre behavior in "The God Gambit" made him completely out of character, as the whole "ordering Starscream, choking him, and Starscream fearing him" may have been for Megatron.
      • The Rebirth was originally supposed to have five parts instead of the three it ended up with.