Trivia / The One

  • Acting for Two: Several actors play counterpart characters from the different dimensions; Jet Li plays both protagonist and antagonist, plus a few additional ones that we see getting killed off. Each character is significantly different from the other; Carla Gugino plays Gabe's loving wife and Yulaw's rather trampy-looking consort. She also plays his wife's Backup Twin in another universe.
  • Fake American: This film was early in Statham's career, so this was the first time the Englishman had been called upon to be an American. His accent is better in future films.
  • Follow the Leader: The movie capitalized on the popularity of themes and ideas inspired by The Matrix during the late 90s/early 2000s. The title itself was even mostly seen a less-than-subtle reference to Neo.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The soundtrack to the movie is very early 2000's, with songs such as Bodies and Down with the Sickness.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the film was supposed to star The Rock as the main character, but he chose to do The Scorpion King instead. Imagine two doubles giving each other the "eyebrow".
    • Jackie Chan was approached for the project but turned it down because of his policy of never playing the bad guy.