Awesome / The One

The One (movie)

  • The ending, where Yulaw embarks on his quest to beat up an entire dimension of prisoners.
    Yulaw: I am Yulaw! I am nobody's bitch!
  • Yulaw introducing himself to Gabe. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel
    Yulaw: The good news? You're not crazy. The bad news...
  • Yulaw taking on an entire element of one universe's SWAT equivalent by charging into the middle of them and beating them senseless in real-time while they end up moving in utter slow motion. Made doubly awesome by the apt background music of Drowning Pool's "Let the bodies hit the floor".
  • The final showdown between Gabe and Yulaw. Especially when they bust out two similar (as in internal or chi-based) but fundamentally different (one being aggressive, the other more about redirecting and striking at the right moment) martial arts: Xingyi for Yulaw, and Baguazhang for Gabe. And as the Awesome MusicPapa Roach's "Blood Brothers" plays in the background
    • Gabe doing a full backflip kicking the fire axe out of Yulaw's hands and catching it leading to a tense moment of whether or not he's going to use it on Yulaw.
    • On a Visual Effects of Awesome meta-level: Just the tons of choreography, coordination, technical mastery and craft that went into the scene to create the illusion of Jet Li having an epic martial arts fight...with himself. Whether he was using green screen shots or body doubles, it's actually pretty convincing at moments.
  • Yulaw using motorcyles as clubs as seen here