Awesome / The One

The One (movie)

  • The ending, where Yulaw embarks on his quest to beat up an entire dimension of prisoners.
    Yulaw: I am Yulaw! I am nobody's bitch!
  • Yulaw introducing himself to Gabe. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel
    Yulaw: The good news? You're not crazy. The bad news...
  • Yulaw taking on an entire element of one universe's SWAT equivalent by charging into the middle of them and beating them senseless in real-time while they end up moving in utter slow motion. Made doubly awesome by the apt background music of Drowning Pool's "Let the bodies hit the floor".
  • The final showdown between Gabe and Yulaw. Especially when they bust out two similar (as in internal or chi-based) but fundamentally different (one being aggressive, the other more about redirecting and striking at the right moment) martial arts: Xingyi for Yulaw, and Baguazhang for Gabe. And as the Awesome MusicPapa Roach's "Blood Brothers" plays in the background
  • Yulaw using motorcyles as clubs as seen here