Trivia / The Joe Schmo Show

  • Adored by the Network: When the show was first launched, it was used a flagship to promote the network changing over from being country-fried TNN (or more specifically, their brief phase as "The National Network", in an attempt to compete with the USA Network) to Spike TV, the "First Network for Men." Repeats were aired regularly, promos were frequent and a marathon was aired leading up to the finale of the first season.
    • Screwed by the Network: True to at least some degree of Joe Schmo 2. Once Spike TV decided it wasn't getting the ratings that they wanted, they moved it to a scheduled time of 11:05 P.M., but with the caveat that it didn't air until after WWE Raw had finished. Raw often ran late and in one instance ran so late that the original broadcast of one of the episodes of Joe Schmo 2 didn't air until after midnight. Additionally, an episode that was originally scheduled to last an hour-and-a-half was edited to fit within an hour timeslot. The full length version of the episode wasn't seen until the program came out on DVD, several years later.