YMMV / The Joe Schmo Show

  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • "Dr. Pat", the incompetent therapist in Season 1, was played by future Saturday Night Live and film star Kristen Wiig.
    • There's no way Castle fans can't look at Season 2 without calling TJ Esposito. Of course, Jon Huertas has already spent a season as Brad on Sabrina the Teenage Witch,
    • Hutch, "The Asshole" in season one is played by David Hornsby, who is now known for his work on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as executive producer, writer and recurring role of "Rickety Cricket."
  • So Bad, It's Good: The fake Montecore falcon created out of papier-mache and aluminum foil on Joe Schmo 2 following the supposed death of the real Montecore. Has to be seen to be believed. Upon seeing it, Amanda commented "I love reality TV" and Tim had to be assured that it wasn't a stuffed Montecore.