Trivia / The Great Gildersleeve

  • The Other Darrin:
    • Marjorie went through three different actresses over the course of the series: Lurene Tuttle, Louise Erickson, and Mary Lee Rob.
    • Willard Waterman replaced Harold Peary as the voice of Gildersleeve in 1950 when Peary left NBC for CBS (but to his chagrin, was not allowed to take the Gildersleeve character with him). The two voices sound so much alike that the only obvious difference is that Waterman never did Gildersleeve's trademark laugh (although this was done more out of respect for Peary rather than Waterman not being able to).
      • Meanwhile, Peary's eponymous CBS show had him playing a character (called "Honest Harold") who was a very obvious Gildersleeve Expy. So obvious, in fact, that the show was critically panned and didn't make it beyond one season.