Trivia / The Great Gatsby

The original book:

  • Acclaimed Flop: The book was a failure when it was first published, but over the years it has become standard reading material in academics.
  • Missing Episode: The 1926 adaptation is a famous lost film. Very little of it is known to exist.
  • Reality Subtext: Gatsby and Daisy's relationship is not dissimilar to that of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, though it has more in common with the relationship between Scott Fitzgerald and Genevra King.
  • Write What You Know: It's believed that Daisy was based off of Ginevra King, Fitzgerald's ex-girlfriend who was also a rich Chicago socialite. Likewise, Tom is believed to have been based off of William Mitchell, the man who Ginevra eventually married. Fitzgerald himself confirmed that Jordan was based off of Edith Cummings, one of Ginevra's friends.

The 2013 film: