Funny / The Great Gatsby

  • Gatsby breaking Nick's clock because he's so overcome with nerves over talking with Daisy again... bonus points for him hitting the clock in an attempt to fix it.
    • The entirety of Gatsby's sheer awkwardness both prior to and during this scene.
  • The very scene in the 2013 film where Nick is in Myrtle's apartment and can hear her and Tom having sex in another room, while he sits there awkwardly. Even the dog looks embarrassed.
  • The sheer ridiculous number of times Gatsby calls Nick "old sport".
  • "We were just talking about other peoples' wives."
  • "I brought cakes!"
  • "Perhaps some more flowers."
  • Nick being the third wheel and Gatsby and Daisy's reunion. There's a long drawn out awkward silence where the two don't know what to say to each other, and Nick tries to encourage conversation with the duo. When Nick tries to excuse himself, Gatsby desperately tries to keep him in the room.
  • On the way from the Buchanan mansion to town:
    Tom: I've made a small investigation of (Gatsby). I could have gone deeper if I'd known-
    Jordan: Do you mean you've been to a medium? (laughs with Nick)
  • In both the book and 2013 film, this conversation between Daisy and Nick (at least in the film - the book is ambiguous about who replied to Daisy) at the Plaza Hotel:
    Daisy: Open another window.
    Nick: There aren't any more.
    Daisy: Then telephone for an axe.
  • From the 2000 TV movie scene leading up to Daisy's and Gatsby's reunion:
    Daisy (walking into the house): Oh! Flowers! Are we having a funeral?
    Daisy (upon hearing Gatsby knocking on the door): And that must be the corpse!