Trivia / The Giver

The Book

  • Trope Namer: Released to Elsewhere
  • Name's the Same: Kids growing up in the 2000s who were required to read this novel couldn't help but think of a certain band of brothers when they read the main character's name.
  • Word of God: For a while, Lois Lowry refused to explain the Gainax Ending, which could be interpreted as either the main character's triumphant escape from his dystopian society or a Dying Dream as he froze to death. However, after asking if anyone had any questions at the author Q&A of the 2009 National Book Festival in Washington, DC, Lowry added, "Jonas is alive, by the way. You don't have to ask that one."
    • Not too much of a stretch considering he's mentioned in the Sequel Gathering Blue and plays a key character in the 3rd book, Messenger.

The Film