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Trivia: The Darkness
  • Banned In Singapore
  • Blooper: During the opening stage of The Darkness II, Jackie's right leg gets torn up quite badly in a mob ambush, and one of his men must drag him away while Jackie fends of attackers with a pistol. Shortly after, the situation becomes dire enough that Jackie must unleash the Darkness to survive, and the Darkness' Healing Factor completely restores his leg, though he is missing his right shoe with the pants on that side still all torn up. In a later scene in the level, Jackie is knocked on his back and his legs flail up in front of the camera before he lands. In that shot, his pants and shoe are restored, though at no point by then would he have an opportunity to get fresh cloths.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Mike Patton as the Darkness, Kirk Acevedo as Jackie, Lauren Ambrose as Jenny, Dwight Schultz as Uncle Paulie and a who's-who of professional voice actors.

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