Trivia / The Adventures of Pluto Nash

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget plus marketing costs? A cool $120 mil, which is roughly what a studio back then would sink in to a film whenever they're expecting a blockbuster. But how much did this movie rake in at the box office? Seven-point-one million dollars worldwide. To be precise, they lost $112,896,027 on this film, which amounts to a 94.08% loss. Adjusted for inflation, its net loss is the fifth largest in film history. As far as box office bombs go, this one is nuclear. Kaboom.
  • Creator Killer: After directing successful and Oscar-winning films (Tremors and City Slickers), Pluto Nash blotched Ron Underwood's feature directing career. Underwood has since stuck to directing TV.
  • Development Hell/The Shelf of Movie Languishment: Both its production and release were delayed by large amounts of time.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Eddie Murphy refused to promote the film at its time of release, and admitted that the money was the only reason he took the role.
  • Not Screened for Critics: Probably a clear indication of the movie's quality.
  • Old Shame: To everyone involved, especially Eddie Murphy and Alec Baldwin, who refused credit for his role.
  • Star-Derailing Role: This movie killed the momentum Eddie Murphy had gotten back after The Nutty Professor.