Trivia / The Adventures of Pluto Nash

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget plus marketing costs? A cool $120 mil, which is roughly what a studio back then would sink in to a film whenever they're expecting a blockbuster. But how much did this movie rake in at the box office? Seven-point-one million dollars worldwide. To be precise, they lost $112,896,027 on this film, which amounts to a 94.08% loss. Adjusted for inflation, its net loss is the fifth largest in film history. As far as box office bombs go, this one is nuclear. Kaboom.
  • Creator Killer: After directing successful and Oscar-winning films (Tremors and City Slickers), Pluto Nash blotched Ron Underwood's feature directing career. Underwood has since stuck to directing TV.
  • Development Hell/The Shelf of Movie Languishment: Both its production and release were delayed by large amounts of time.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Eddie Murphy refused to promote the film at its time of release, and admitted that the money was the only reason he took the role.
  • Not Screened for Critics: Probably a clear indication of the movie's quality.
  • Old Shame: To everyone involved, especially Eddie Murphy and Alec Baldwin, who refused credit for his role.
  • Star-Derailing Role: This movie killed the momentum Eddie Murphy had gotten back after The Nutty Professor.
  • What Could Have Been: Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry were the first and second choices respectively for the role of Dina, but both passed on the part. Berry declined becuase the filming schedule clashed with her wedding.