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Trivia: Swans
  • Big Name Fan: Gira counts as a Big Name Fan of Lisa Germano, since he signed her to his Young God Records label because he enjoyed her music.
    • To a lesser extent, Kurt Cobain's name-dropping of the "Raping A Slave" EP as one of his favourite records definitely added to the band's cult caché.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Love Will Tear Us Apart", and, for the most part, the majority of their '90s work.
  • Old Shame: Most of their late 80's - early 90's output, but especially The Burning World.
    • When Young God Records began reissuing Swans' discography, Gira compiled what he felt were the best tracks from The Burning World, White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity, Love Of Life, the Skin album Ten Songs From Another World, and other singles and b-sides into an album titled ''Various Failures''. Only a few tracks from The Burning World were used while most, or at least half, of the other albums were represented.
  • Write What You Know: If stuff like "Failure" is to be believed, Gira has had a seriously screwed up life.
    • Proven by numerous interviews. "Blind" and "Alcohol the Seed", in particular, gain a great deal of emotional resonance in context.

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