Trivia / Spy Hard

  • Follow the Leader: Followed the spy movie parody genre - which is odd because James Bond never took itself seriously anyway.
  • Old Shame: For Marcia Gay Harden.
  • Playing Against Type: Andy Griffith as a supervillain- albeit he played a far worse character in the film Pray for the Wildcats, though he's generally known for his friendly roles.
  • Nepotism: The only explanation as to how Jason Friedberg and his friend Aaron Selzter came to get their screenplay filmed. Helps Rick Friedberg was doing a video with Leslie Nielsen at the time and the man himself approved.
  • Wag the Director: The final screenplay for the film was supposedly thrown together hastily by Leslie Nielsen, Rick Friedberg and another writer, after Nielsen had serious issues with the original screenplay that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Selzter had written. This probably accounts for the somewhat disjointed nature of the final product.