Trivia / Space Battleship Yamato 2199

  • All-Star Cast:
  • Artistic License History: The Yamato is shown as a complete shipwreck when it is seen lying on the dried up Pacific floor, with most of its exterior fittings still attached. In real life, she suffered a catastrophic internal explosion during Operation Ten-Go and lies in two pieces with most of her superstructure scattered, in thousands of pieces, around the surrounding seafloor.
    • Averted in this series—the rusty shipwreck we see, in 2199, is a disguising shell, not a salvaged wreck (though portions of the actual Yamato might have been salvaged for construction purpose). Not surprising, since the incarnation of the space battleship is, by dimensions, too big for the original oceangoing warship.
  • Fan Nickname: Akira "Rei" Yamamoto is named "Starbuck", in reference to another fighter pilot who got a Gender Flip in a reimagined series.
  • Despite not being a mecha series, this show will be making it's Super Robot Wars debut in V, though this isn't the first time a non-mecha franchise has been in a Super Robot Wars game.