Fridge / Space Battleship Yamato 2199

  • The mission of the Yamato is a very strict parallel to Operation Ten-Go, the final mission of the historical Yamato. Operation Ten-Go, heavily opposed by vice-admiral Itou as wasteful, had the IJN send one of their last battleships, and the mightiest one at that, to Okinawa in a desperate mission, but was sank in sight of her destination by an attack from a ludicrous number of carrier-launched aircrafts commanded by admiral Mitscher, a feared veteran who had inflicted horrible losses on the IJN before then (at Midway Mitscher commanded the Yorktown, whose aircrafts sank the four Japanese fleet carriers present at the battle). The mission of the space battleship Yamato, opposed as wasteful by Yamato' master-at-arms Itou, had the Cosmo Force send their mightiest and second-to-last battleship (the battleship Kirishima was still at Earth) to Iskandar in a desperate mission, and when almost there is confronted by Domel, who has nearly destroyed the Yamato before then, commanding four fleet carriers with a ludicrous number of starfighters. The difference is, that the historical Yamato was sank, but the space battleship survives the aircraft attack and destroys the carriers.

    • Historical notes: Marc Mitscher commanded the USS HORNET at Midway, not Yorktown which was commanded by Captain Elliot Buckmaster and was the Flagship of Rear Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher. Yorktown received credit for 1 0f 4 Japanese carriers sunk at Midway (the carrier Soryu). Enterprise accounted for the other 3 (the Hiryu was sunk with the assistance of Yorktown aircraft on the Enterprise). Hornet's lackluster performance at Midway underscores that the "Magnificent Mitscher" was not yet the experienced and legendary commander he became. By the time of the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944, Mitscher had the earned his reputation as a combat commander. Ironically, Mitscher's airstrikes on April 7, 1945 denied Yamato a final battle to the death with six US battleships assembled to meet her. It is tragedy that Yamato and 9 out of every 10 men in her crew were lost in a mission that unlike the mission to Iscandar, not only had no chance of success, but whose real purpose was not the salvation of Japan, but for the Imperial Navy to prove to the Army that the navy still had proper honor and fighting spirit. The greatest tragedy that so many young men died for the pride of old men.