Trivia / Space: Above and Beyond

  • Cast the Expert: Both of Hollywood's resident Marines make appearances in the show; R. Lee Ermey appears as the 58th's drill instructor in the pilot episode, while Dale Dye plays a Marine officer in "Who Monitors the Birds".
  • Name's the Same: Commander Sisko also served on a space battleship called the Saratoga.
    • Likewise, if Star Trek had a ship called the Saratoga, it was destined to get its shit wrecked.
  • Screwed by the Network: Holy, holy moly. Fox actively moved or pre-empted the show on a fairly routine basis, which made it hard to follow during its initial run, and it also dropped the show on a massive cliffhanger, which was teasing some shocking reveals about the origin of the conflict and the relationship between the antagonist races, and also left a number of characters in total limbo.