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Trivia: Space: 1999
  • Creator Couple: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Anderson wanted to make a fairly straight space-colony science fiction show. Then the executives asked if there would ever be stories set on Earth. He said probably. They said they weren't willing to allow that. Hence the idiotic setup with the moon being blown out of orbit.
    • Meddling with the writing was also the reason that Barry Morse quit after the first season, and the second became more action-oriented.
  • Playing Against Type: As the leader of a group of aliens heading to Earth in "Earthbound", Christopher Lee is cast, for once, in a sympathetic role.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Christopher Lee, as mentioned above. Also guest appearances by Peter Bowles, Ian McShane, Joan Collins, BRIAN BLESSED (twice) and Julian Glover, amongst others. The main villain of the last episode was Patrick Troughton.
  • Type Casting: The one villain who was undoubtedly played for laughs was cast and voiced by Bernard Cribbins ("Brian The Brain").

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