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Awesome: Space: Above and Beyond
  • The whole episode "The Angriest Angel" was one Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Colonel T.C.McQueen, but finally taking down Chiggy von Richthofen - an alien space combat ace in a nigh-indestructible fighter, while the Colonel Bad Ass himself is not even considered combat capable due to inner ear damage - still makes one cheer with deep, deep satisfaction.
    McQueen: This one's for you, Winslow!
    • Made even more awesome when you remember that, in order to be considered mission-capable, McQueen had to have his artificial inner ear removed (he'd had one implanted after being wounded in combat, and the stresses of flying a fighter would cause the implant to explode). So, in the battle against Chiggy von Richthofen, he was flying with absolutely no inner ear!
      • Even yet more awesome, he did it with no support from the Saratoga, and with conventional weaponry after Chiggy von Richthofen had already shrugged off a freakin' superweapon that had been designed solely and specifically to kill him. All while listening to Beethoven's "Funeral March", no less.
  • Lt. Colonel Ray Butts's Dying Moment of Awesome: Having decoyed a group of Elite Mook Chig fighters away from the Wildcards, he gets caught in the pull of a black hole while taking down the enemy fighters. Butts, knowing there was no way out, decided to cue up a Johnny Cash song so that the time dilation of the black hole would cause the song to play forever for him.
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