Heartwarming / Space: Above and Beyond

  • Lt. Wang's Famous Last Words: During a You Shall Not Pass, he recites the name of every Wild Card who has died through the course of the show. Yes, including the Red Shirts.
  • Winslow coming to McQueen and getting him to open up about his past, including talking about the wife that left him when she couldn't handle the stigma of being with an InVitro.
    • When McQueen kills Chiggy Von Richtofen, he yells Winslow's name in memory of her.
  • Related to the second point above? McQueen is escorted to his fighter by the Wild Cards under his command, while they're in full dress uniform for Winslow's funeral. It shows exactly how much the squad cares about their CO.
  • When Vansen passes out presents in "The River of Stars" — she bought them at the PX, so everyone gets engraved knives and socks as presents.
    Vansen: And everyone should be singing ''dah hoo dor ray''— just open them!
    • In the same episode, they are saved from their current crisis (their navigation and life support systems have been damaged, and they don't know which way to get back to the Saratoga) by A Chig pointing them the way home.