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Trivia: Shadow of the Vampire
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Munrau was played by John Malkovich.
    • Robin of Locksley is Fritz Arno Wagner.
    • Eddie Izzard plays Nosferatu cast member Gustav von Wangenheim.
    • Udo Kier as producer and production designer Albin Grau.
  • Reality Subtext: Of a sort. While the film is a totally fictionalized take on the production of the original Nosferatu, it could also be seen as a take onon the production of the remake. The remake was directed by Werner Herzog, a notoriously half-mad director obsessed with his vision, and starred Klaus Kinski, a notoriously full-mad actor who would disrupt production and terrorize the cast and crew. Minus the fantastical elements and the murder (barely, since Kinski had assaulted extras with swords and guns and on at least two separate occasions came close to being murdered) their relationship mirrored the Murnau-Schreck relationship quite closely.

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