Trivia / SWAT 4

  • The Other Darrin: While most of the main voice cast reprised their roles in The Stetchkov Syndicate, the TOC operator was voiced by a new actor, not Nate Wells.
  • What Could Have Been : Sometime in late 2005 and early 2006, Irrational Games used the existing SWAT 4 engine and assets as a proof-of-concept basis for their next game project, preemptively titled Division 9. It was supposed to be a Survival Horror shooter with a squad-based nature (much like SWAT 4) and set in... a noirish city after a mysterious Zombie Apocalypse. The project was eventually scrapped in favour of concentrating on BioShock. Three years later, Valve published a game with the same basic idea. Makes you wonder if Division 9 would've been similarly successful 4 years ago...
    • SWAT 4 was originally previewed as SWAT: Urban Justice, set in LA and featuring all out war with the police against 3 criminal street gangs, it would feature full on character customization including female operative, among many other features... Until Irrational decides to developer a more "down to earth" police simulation game set in a more vague setting and with pre-determined character personality that we got. Several in game props such as arcade machines shows this title as an in-joke.