Trivia: Roxette

  • Author Existence Failure: A near miss with Marie's life threatening brain tumour which left her with permanent disabilities.
  • Creator Backlash: Per has gone on record as saying that "Almost Unreal" sounds like a parody of the band's style, and is generally unhappy with the way its release was handled. However, being that it was the credits theme to the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie, it's how a lot of people in the US came to know and love them.
    • Besides that, Per became angry that the song ended up in that film soundtrack instead of Hocus Pocus, because he didn't believe that the song would not fit in with a film about three witches and a talking cat. Look at the lyrics sheet where the chorus has a Title Drop for the film that the song was intended for.
    • A fan finally corrected this by remixing the original video replacing as much of the Super Mario Bros visuals as possible with Hocus Pocus footage - see it at [1].
  • Throw It In: The introductory lyrics to "The Look" were guide lyrics - words just scribbled down just to have something to sing to the tune while working on it - Per couldn't come up with anything better and decided to roll with it, saying later after the song became a smash hit "Everyone gets lucky sometimes."