Trivia / Rejected

  • Follow the Leader: A number of actual TV ads copied the film's minimalistic stick figure animation, most notably one ad campaign for Pop Tarts.
  • What Could Have Been: There were plans to air the short as a special on [adult swim] in 2001; this was postponed to 2002, and even advertised on the air, but was pulled at the last minute. According to Don Hertzfeldt, it was advertised to air uncut, and when Turner Network censors wouldn't let an onscreen "Sweet Jesus!" slip by, the network simply cancelled the airing. (Years later, the network relaxed this rule; in the Family Guy episode "Road to Rupert", Herbert the Pedophile says "Sweet Jesus!" after Chris shows him the swimming trunks he's trying to sell, though the Futurama episodes "The Deep South" and "Bender Gets Made" were both edited to remove a character saying "Sweet Jesus!" [or, in this case, it was "Sweet Zombie Jesus!" and "Holy Zombie Jesus!"]).