Trivia / Randy Travis

  • Chart Displacement: His longest-lasting #1 hit was "Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart" in 1990, which is seldom thought of as one of his more famous songs (at least in comparison to the likes of "On the Other Hand" or "Forever and Ever, Amen"). This is somewhat justified as "Hard Rock" was his first #1 after the Hot Country Songs charts began to use the Nielsen SoundScan system (which electronically tracks each spin from a station on the Billboard panel), thus leading to far more accurate charts than were possible under the previous system of radio stations submitting playlists individually — although the tendency for the fandom to forget that Randy even released singles in the '90s to begin with doesn't help matters...
  • Creator Breakdown: Following his divorce, Randy seems to have come unraveled. In August 2012, he was arrested for DWI… and happened to be naked in the car at the time. He also threatened the police officer. Whether related or not, he also suffered a stroke in late 2013.
  • Hitless Hit Album: Around the Bend peaked at #3 on US Top Country Albums but none of its singles charted.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Provided one for the character Mr. Hyunh in the Hey Arnold! episode "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country".
  • Throw It In!: Travis recorded "It's Just a Matter of Time" for a covers album called Rock, Rhythm & Blues and chose to release it as a single from No Holdin' Back because he liked how it sounded.
  • What Could Have Been: Travis' first hit, "1982", was originally titled "1962". It was changed because Travis didn't feel comfortable singing about a lost love at the age of two.